Electronic Power Supplies

PowerUnits develops and produces first-class electronic ballast for uv applications.

The most important competitive advantages to transformer/thyristor solutions are:

  • reliable ignition of every lamp type, lamp lengh and donation
  • reliable operation of every lamp without acoustic resonance
  • low-frequency AC-square-wave operation
  • constant outpunt independent of mains voltage fluctuation
  • extremely fast and effective cyclic operation
  • no dark-phase difficulties
  • no power factor correction necessary
  • reliable production process
  • minimal installation efforts
  • compact and light weight construction



  • is the result of our effective and consistent research
  • meets both the highest demand in quality and energy efficiency.
  • enables the economical production of first-class, compact electronic control gears.
  • endorses the realisation of high-performance power supply units.

PowerUnits Solutions

characterise through:

Low-frequency AC Square-Wave Operation

The low-frequency AC-square-wave operation ensures uniform irradiation with virtually no modulation in the flow of electricity. EfficientSwitch™ allows for the precise adjustment of the lamp current frequency between 50Hz and 500Hz. The stimulation of acoustic resonances is inhibited as well as possible, re-ignition peaks are avoided and the optimal plasma arc stability is ensured. The combination of these properties enables the optimal operation of nearly every type of lamp and lamp power.


True Power Control

An integrated microcontroller allows for true lamp power control. This enables the equalisation of voltage variations of different lamp types and ensures exactly reproducible product quality.


High Frequency Ignition

The integrated high frequency ignition box supplies powerful, lamp-protecting impulse packets with up to 4000V sine amplitude. The freely programmable start sequence enables an optimal, quick and smooth lamp start for every type of lamp. The lamp cable length has no negative influence on the ignition characteristics. All in all, the lamp´s service life increases and even so-called "lazy igniter" lamps can be optimally ignited.

DC-Link Capacitor

The integrated energy storage equalises the supply voltage fluctuations. This allows for the interruption-free flow of electricity. No additional power reserve is necessary.

Cyclic Operation

EfficientSwitch™ allows for a true, continuous power control of between 5% and 100% of the radiator power. The transient time is less than 3ms. This guarantees an extremely efficient cyclic operation and low standby consumption.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

EfficientSwitch™ supports the significant reduction of electromagnetic influences. Electromagnetic disturbances and high switching losses are prevented before they can develop.


A microcontroller ensures the optimal parameterisation of all relevant unit properties and lamp properties. The microcontroller assumes all switching operations, control operations and adjusting operations, and guarantees exact data evaluations.



Customer requirements are manifold. As is our dedication in finding a solution.


During the development of electronic control gears we take the following into consideration:

  • Required unit power (1 - 100 kW per unit)
  • Necessary control options (any fieldbus- and ethernet configurations)
  • Unit casing dimensions
  • Anticipated environmental impact (Temperature, humidity, dust)

You will recieve a customised solution.


Custom Development for power electronics

PowerUnits takes care to best possible energy efficiency and lifetime of the solutions. We appreciate to be your reliable partner if you do not want or can use a "ready-made" solution for your specific requirements. We realise customised half-bridge circuits, frequency inverters, DC-DC converters as well as IGBT-modules.

Get in touch with us.

Concretely we should get in touch

if you are looking for one ore more of following criteria.

  • power range up to 100kW
  • voltage range up to 1000V
  • switching frequencies up to 50kHz (hard) or 500kHz (resonant)
  • compact and environment adapted construction