Adhesive Industry

Bonding of smartphone displays, flat screens, optical fiber cable
Digital cutting processes

Automotive Industry

Coating of headlights, rear lights, decorative strips, LED lights

Chemical Industry

UV-treatment of industrial lubricants
UV-rapid aging in the area of advanced materials (solar simulation)

Medical Industry

Curing of contact lenses
Disinfection of medical packagings

Electronic Industry

Exposure of PCB
Curing of solder stop mask
Bonding of touch displays
Coating of optical fiber wire
Layer insulation of batteries

Environmental Industry

Disinfection of ballast water on board of vessels, drinking water, process water
Water treatment in power plants
Dechlorination of water
Water treatment of process water in the fish farming industry
Curing processes in sewer renovation

Glass and Metal Industry

Printing and coating of car glass,
ceramic product, metal sheets,
vehicle bodies, cans, etc.

Wood Industry

Coating of wooden plates, furniture, doors, parquet

Printing / coating Industry

Curing of printing ink, varnishes on various materials